All of your research for Plastic Surgery Recovery in one place!

If you're Post-Op or preparing for surgery, you know you need massages for swelling, garments, and post-op supplies, but have no idea what's suppose to happen during your massages, how to find a therapist who's fully certified in MLD, how to use your supplies, how to reduce/ avoid fibrosis and help navigating plastic surgery recovery, you're in the right place!

The biggest part of preparing for a successful surgery without complications is the aftercare!

Things like Massages, Garments, avoiding complications like fibrosis, and Post-Op Supplies.


But how do we know that the Lymphatic Massages are the kind of massage to get rid of swelling?

Maybe you've found someone who says they do "Lymphatic Massage" but when you get in the room, they use oil, machines, tools and rub you, which causes pain or feels like a regular massage and you're not really sure if the massage is ACTUAL Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

**Your Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages (MLD) SHOULD NEVER BE PAINFUL!!!***

Maybe you're surgeon gave you a list of different massage therapist, they all do the massage differently and no one can explain to you what the massage is supposed to feel like or why it works for swelling.

Maybe you know that you need Manual Lymphatic Drainage and you're having trouble finding someone in your area or don't know how to tell if their certified properly.

Maybe you've found a certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist but they arn't as experienced in plastic surgery as you would have liked so you think their not the right fit.

Everything is explained in this course!

The only why to know if you're getting the real Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage that you need post-op is by learning:

  • How the technique is supposed to be done
  • Why it works for swelling
  • What the sequence is supposed to be in order to wok or swelling
  • What your therapist should know about the lymphatic system to verify they are properly trained and skilled in MLD
  • What credentials or certifications your therapist should have.
  • What those credentials mean/ the level of knowledge your therapist should have.
  • and more


You need to be able to guide your therapist.

Having a base knowledge of how the MLD massage sequence should go, what it should feel like and how it works, is key to making sure you're getting the most out of your massages. You'll also be able to tell if your therapist is properly trained by having the same knowledge they should have about how MLD works to reduce swelling.



Our course teaches you about the phases of wound healing, what to expect from your swelling, how to prevent further swelling/ re swelling, why swelling helps us heal and how to get rid of swelling before it stagnates and causes complications.


Throughout the course we teach you about how fibrosis foams, what causes lymphostatic fibrosis, how to prevent it, what makes it worse and how to turn it back to swelling so you can urinate it out during your MLD sessions.


The biggest mystery is your garment and supplies post-op. You buy tons of things you see other people using on Tic Tok, Facebook groups or YouTube but have no idea how to use them, why you need them or if their even right for your surgery.

Our course teaches you about the basic supplies you need like Arnica, Lipo Foams, Garments for recovery and the difference between the generic, every day use version of these supplies vs. the kind you need for surgery recovery.

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